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529B Boll Weevil Circle
Enterprise, AL 36330

Tenant Portal


Pay your rent and other charges online - directly from your bank account! You can also use the new payment system to stay on top of your current/upcoming charges and (once you've been using it for a while) your payment history.

This service is FREE if you set it up with your bank account OR you can use your credit/debit card for a small fee.

Consider the following benefits of paying your rent online:

  • Security. Online payments are much more secure than mailing a check. You'll receive an email notification when your payment is made that you can keep for your records and you can sign up for email reminders that your rent is coming due.
  • Speed. Online payments post to your account immediately - faster than if you mail a check or use an online bill payment service. They're even faster than if you drop a check off at our office!
  • Convenience. View your charges and make payments online, anytime, and from anywhere. No more paper checks, envelopes, stamps, or unnecessary “out of your way” trips to our office to drop off a check. You can even set up a recurring payment so your rent is paid automatically – no more worrying about forgetting to pay your rent on time or dealing with late fees!

Please call our office at (334) 347-3575 to sign up for this feature. If you are a current tenant and have already signed up for this feature, below is the link to access the tenant portal.